Whiffin Spit

Whiffin Spit


  • Difficulty

  • Time
    0.75 hours

  • Distance

  • Elevation

  • Dog Friendly

  • Public Transportation

  • From Downtown Victoria
    1 hour

  • Camping

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Whiffin Spit is situated between the Sooke Harbour and Juan de Fuca Strait and offers a scenic coastal walk along the shoreline. The area is popular with dog walkers and nature enthusiasts as wildlife such as shorebirds and sea lions can often be spotted during your walk.

The trail starts at the end of the parking lot and follows the gravel path to the end of the Whiffin Spit. The trail is relatively flat, offering multiple views of the scenery. There are many benches and small trails that veer off the main trail, offering additional viewpoints or areas to explore the rocky beach areas.

As you approach the end of the trail, a light and weather station sits on Whiffin Spit in a fenced in area as an aid for marine traffic. Walk along the beach to loop around the end of Whiffin Spit. Looking across the waterway to the few houses along the shore is the area of East Sooke. Looking northward is the Sooke Basin and to the open water to the south is the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

After enjoying your walk, make your way back towards the start of the trail and the parking lot, taking time to explore some of the views from the benches on the breakwater.

Driving Directions

Whiffin Spit is located in the community of Sooke, west of Victoria.

Driving from the downtown Victoria area, drive towards Douglas Street, then head north as you leave the city area and continue along Highway #1. Take Exit #14: Veterans Memorial Parkway and loop around and cross over the highway overpass. Follow Veterans Memorial Parkway through the town of Langford until you reach the intersection with Sooke Road, then turn right onto Sooke Road. Sooke Road is also known as Highway #14.

Follow Sooke Road for about 20km as it wides its way westward. Pass through the town centre of Sooke and continue straight at the roundabout. After leaving the town and staying on Highway #14, turn left onto Wiffin Spit Road. Follow Wiffin Spit road through the residential neighbourhood to the end and turn into the narrow driveway that leads down to the parking lot area.

Additional Information


Dogs are allowed off-leash at Whiffin Spit but please keep your dogs under control at all times. Please ensure to pick up after your dog and remove all excrement and plastic bags from the park.


There are porta-potties next to the Whiffin Spit parking lot. There is also an outhouse near the end of the trail, just off to the side.

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