Mystic Beach

Mystic Beach

Juan de Fuca

  • Difficulty

  • Time
    2 hours

  • Distance

  • Elevation
    65 meters

  • Dog Friendly

  • Public Transportation

  • From Downtown Victoria
    1 hour, 20 minutes

  • Camping

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Mystic Beach is one of the area's most scenic beaches, located along the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The campsite at Mystic Beach is the first along the eastern section of the Juan de Fuca Trail and the area features a small waterfall that cascades from the sheer cliff above the beach area along with incredible views of the rugged, Pacific Northwest coastline.

From the parking area, walk to the wooden map board and make sure you are at the start of the Juan de Fuca trail (not the trail to China Beach). The map will show the entire route along the Juan de Fuca Trail, however Mystic Beach is the first stop and the hike is on the easier side of intermediate.

Follow the trail into the forest and make sure to stay along the worn pathway. There are not too many trail markers but the path is well worn and easy to follow. The first section can be quite muddy and slippery, depending on the time of year and whether there was recent rainfall, so take your time as you watch you step.

After hiking for awhile, the trail reaches a suspension bridge that crosses Pete Wolfe Creek. Cross the bridge and continue along the trail as it continues to step over logs and tree roots. The trail reaches a wider gravel trail where it veers to the left and gradually descends. This section is much quicker to walk along as you quickly descend through the forest.

The forest is thick with trees and quiet as you begin to hear the waves hitting the shore. Walk down some wooden steps and cross over a small bridge across a creek before making your way up the other side and continuing through the forest.

As the sound of the waves grows louder, the trail follows along some stairs made out of a fallen tree as you veer to the left and make the final descent towards the beach. Just after the log stairs end, you reach an opening where you can walk down onto Mystic Beach.

A couple of points of interest on the beach are the small waterfall that drops from the rocky cliffs above and a rope swing that dangles from a tree above the cliff. Both of these are located to the left, when you arrive at the beach. The scenery is also incredible, no matter which direction you decide to explore and it's worth planning to spend some time on the beach before hiking back.

After enjoying Mystic Beach, walk back to where the trail arrived at the beach and walk up the wooden log stairs, quickly ascending as you leave the beach area and return to the forest. Follow the trail as you cross the wooden bridge and the walk up the steps on the other side.

The trail continues up the rocky, wide section so pace yourself as you gain elevation before veering right and following the forested path. Cross back over the suspension bridge and continue along the trail until you arrive back at the parking lot where you began.

Driving Directions

The trail to Mystic Beach begins at the trailhead on the eastern end of the Juan de Fuca Trail, from the China Beach day-use parking lot. The China Beach day-use area is located just off of Highway #14 on the way to the town of Port Renfrew.

From downtown Victoria, drive to Douglas Street and follow it north, leaving the city as Douglas turns into Highway #1. Take Exit #14 to Langford and loop around the off-ramp, crossing over the highway and following Veterans Memorial Parkway. Turn right at the intersection with Sooke Road and follow the signs to Sooke.

Continue driving along Sooke Road, which is also named Highway #14. Staying on this road will take you to the China Beach day-use area but it's quite a drive beyond the town of Sooke.

After passing the Jordan River, you are getting close. Watch for signs for the China Beach Campground but continue on the highway past the campground for about another 700-metres until you see a turn off for the China Beach day-use area and the Juan de Fuca Trail. Turn left and drive down the road and turn right into the gravel parking lot. The trail begins near the wooden map board next to the parking lot on the right.

Camping Information

Camping is available on the beach at Mystic Beach and is one of the designated campsites along the Juan de Fuca trail. A Backcountry Camping Permit is required and must be pre-purchased before camping at Mystic Beach.

For more information and to purchase a Backcountry Camping Permit, visit the BC Parks website.

Additional Information


Backcountry trails are not suitable for dogs due to the potential of conflicts with wildlife, including bears and cougars.


Pit toilets are located near where the trail arrives at Mystic Beach. There is also outhouses next to the trailhead to China Beach, at the far end of the lower parking lot.

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