Mount Wells

Mount Wells


  • Difficulty

  • Time
    2 hours

  • Distance

  • Elevation
    240 meters

  • Dog Friendly

  • Public Transportation

  • From Downtown Victoria
    30 minutes

  • Camping

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The hike to the top of Mount Wells follows a steep trail, offering views as far away as downtown Victoria, Juan de Fuca Strait, and towards Sooke along the way. The trail is a great workout but has several challenging open rock sections that are quite steep and very slippery when it's raining or they are wet. Despite this challenge, the views along the route are breathtaking.

Walk to the far end of the parking lot and follow the trail past the map board and up the hill. The trail moves quickly through the forest and within a few minutes, reaches the road. Carefully check for traffic before crossing the road and continuing along the trail on the other side. The trail goes up a few stairs and over an old set of pipes that were once used to provide drinking water to the Victoria area from Humpback Reservoir.

The trail begins to climb steeply and will continue ascending at a steep rate until the first viewpoint. Walk up the hill, through the switchbacks, carefully watching your step on the loose gravel and tree roots. The trail eventually exits from the tree cover but still climbs steeply, as you make your way up over slippery rock faces. Follows the route between the posts and chains and do not venture off the trail as there are several treacherous drop offs.

As the trail begins to level, follow a worn path to the left to a spectacular view point looking towards the city of Victoria. On a clear sunny day, the view extends as far as Juan de Fuca Strait and as far as downtown to the east.

After enjoying the view, return to the trail and continue hiking as it drops down a short, rocky hill into the forest and follows a route through the trees. The trail gradually climbs before leaving the forest and arriving near the peak of Mount Work. Walk up to the highest point for a scenic view looking westward towards the Sooke region.

Return to the trailhead by retracing your steps, leaving the peak and walking back into the forest, following the trail as it gradually descends. Hike up the short incline and then past the first viewpoint before carefully descending down the steep, open section, following the route between the chains. Enter the forest and follow the trail downhill, stepping over the water pipes, across the road, and walking the last distance back to the parking lot.

Driving Directions

The parking lot and trailhead to Mount Wells is located on Humpback Road.

From downtown Victoria, drive north along Douglas Street and follow Highway #1 as you leave the city. Continue driving along Highway #1 for about 20km until just before Goldstream Provincial Park, turn left at the traffic lights onto West Shore Parkway.

Immediately turn right at the roundabout and follow Amy Road. Turn left onto Sooke Lake Road and after a few blocks, turn left onto Humpback Road. Stay on Humpback Road and after about 1.5kms, watch for a gravel parking lot on your right.

Alternate Driving Route from Sooke Road

Humpback Road is accessible from Sooke road, making is easier to access from Sooke, Metchosin, or Colwood. There is a turnoff to Humpback Road along the 2-lane section of Sooke Road, west of Luxton. You will have to turn onto Humpback Road heading north and drivers approaching from the west have a left turn lane that they can use. After turning onto Humpback Road, follow the road uphill, carefully pass through a narrow section, then watch for the gravel parking lot on your left.

Additional Information


Dogs are permitted on the trail to Mount Wells, however there are sections of trail that are very steep, with sheer dropoffs nearby, which may not be suitable for some pets. Please use caution and please remove all waste from the trail.


There is an outhouse located at the parking lot at the beginning of the trail. There are no toilet facilities located on the trail.

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