Upper Goldstream Falls

Upper Goldstream Falls

Goldstream Provincial Park

  • Difficulty

  • Time
    1.5 hours

  • Distance

  • Elevation
    60 meters

  • Dog Friendly

  • Public Transportation

  • From Downtown Victoria
    25 minutes

  • Camping

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The hike to Upper Goldstream Falls starts near the campsite gatehouse and follows a lush, forested trail along the Goldstream River to the waterfall. The hike is popular amongst campers due to it being right next to the campsite, but it can also be done as a day-hike by parking near the gatehouse or just outside the campsite area.

While the trail is fairly easy with minimal election change, there is a long set of stairs to walk down into the canyon where the waterfall is. While the stairs don't seem difficult, keep in mind that you do have to walk back up them to return to the trail after visiting the waterfall.

From the gatehouse, walk to the start of the trail just to the left and into the forest. The trail veers right and follows a nice, dirt path as you get occasional glimpses of the river to the left. While the campsite is only meters away to the right, it doesn’t seem that way as the forest vegetation is thick and very green from the river’s moisture that keeps it lush.

When you reach a junction, go left and continue along the forest trail. The trail eventually reaches the stairs to the left that go down towards the waterfall. Begin walking down the stairs and into the canyon as the waterfall comes into view. Walk right down to the small, rocky beach area and up onto the jagged rock on the other side for a close view. During the warm months, the pool below the falls is a popular area to swim bu the water is cold during the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

After enjoying the waterfall, begin the long walk up the stairs as you notice some landings and benches that are strategically located for a rest spot. Once at the top, go right and walk down the trail through the forest as most of the route is a gradual downhill. Go right at the junction and continue hiking through the forest. Eventually, the trail veers left and you return to the gatehouse area where you began.

Driving Directions

The hike to Upper Goldstream Falls begins from the Goldstream Provincial Park campground, which is accessed from the Langford area. To drive to the campsite from downtown Victoria, drive to Douglas Street and head northbound as you leave the city and continue driving on Highway #1. Drive for roughly 15km and turn left at the lights at West Shore Parkway. At the roundabout, turn right, and drive along Amy Road. At a 3-way intersection with no stop sign, veer left and continue onto what is now called Sooke Lake Road. At the first street on your right marked with signs to Goldstream Provincial Park, turn right and drive down the hill and into the forest to where the campsite is. There is day-use parking just beyond the gate and also additional parking outside the gate.

Public Transportation

Public transit buses can be taken from downtown Victoria to the start of the start of the Upper Goldstream Falls trail, which begins at the Goldstream campsite. From Douglas Street in downtown Victoria, take bus #50: Langford as it follows Douglas out of the city. Take this bus to the end of its route, exiting on Station Avenue after nearly 1-hour.

From Station Avenue and Jacklin Road, look for Bus #58: Goldstream Meadows. Take the bus to Humpback Road at Rock Hill. You will need to walk several meters back to Sooke Lake Road, go left, then right onto Golden Gate Road, which will take you into the Goldstream Provincial Park and its campsite.

Camping Information

The Goldstream Provincial Park campground is open year-round and is accessible via the West Shore Parkway turnoff from Highway #1, just south of the park boundary. The area has about 167 vehicle accessible campsites and is situated in a beautiful, forested setting. The campground has many amenities, including washrooms, showers, a playground, a bike playground, sank-station, garbage, and much more.

Reservations can be made through BC Parks website for a campsite during the summer months and there are also campsites available on a first come, first served basis.

Additional Information


Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in Coldstream Provincial Park and are not allowed on beach areas or in streams due to the risk of damaging sensitive salmon spawning environments. Please ensure to pick up and remove all dog excrement from the park.


There are several outhouses throughout the Goldstream Provincial Park campsite. If you are visiting just to do the hike to Upper Goldstream Falls, the only outhouse that is located close to the trail is at the beginning near the gatehouse entrance.

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