Iron Mine Bay

Iron Mine Bay

East Sooke Park

  • Difficulty

  • Time
    0.75 hours

  • Distance

  • Elevation
    53 meters

  • Dog Friendly

  • Public Transportation

  • From Downtown Victoria
    60 minutes

  • Camping

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Iron Mine Bay is one of the most scenic areas of East Sooke Park and very easy to walk to from the Pike Road parking lot. The wide trail passes through a beautiful west coast rainforest as it gradually makes its way downhill to the rocky beach area, just beyond the Coast Trail. This walk to the beach area is relatively easy and a great place to take the family during a sunny day.

Walk past the wooden map and outhouses near the Pike Road parking lot and into the forest as you quickly make your way along the Pike Road Trail. The trail has a gradual downhill which is barely noticeable for most of the route. Continue walking along the wide trail, passing the Anderson Cove Trail to your left.

A bit further and the trail reaches a second junction on the right marked with “Viewpoint”, which goes out towards Pike Point. If you want a slightly longer walk, the route below will explain how to access Pike Point from the Iron Mine Bay Beach area and return via this junction. For now, stay on the wide trail and continue walking down the Pike Road Trail.

Not much further and you reach an outhouse where just a few meters beyond, a narrow trails leads down to the rocky beach. The view of Iron Mine Bay is gorgeous and you can hike up onto the rocky outcrop on the left for another great view, just make sure to not get caught on it during high tide or you may have to walk back to the parking lot with wet shoes.

For those looking to extend their hike, there are a couple of options:

  1. Walk back up the narrow trail to near the outhouse and go right onto the Coast Trail. This rugged trail follows the coastline along Juan de Fuca Straight and would take about 8 hours to reach the other end of the park but just walk about 15-minutes or so along the trail to take in some of the beautiful views. A word of caution as the trail does become fairly difficult as it passes over slippery rocks and down steep sections, however the first section is not too bad.
  2. To do a side trip to Pike Point, walk to the far end of the beach (far right side when facing the water) and at the forest, there are stairs that lead up to a trail. Walk up these stairs and follow the trail where it meets another trail. Go left at the trail and this takes you out to Pike Point. When you return from Pike Point, continue past the trail that goes to the beach and go right at a 2nd junction, following the narrow trail through the beautiful forest and away from the beach. After 10-minutes, you will cross a small wooden bridge and join the Pike Road Trail at the “Viewpoint” sign you passed earlier.

Whether you have finished enjoyed the Iron Mine Bay, Coast Trail, or Pike Point, return to the Pike Road parking lot by walking back up the wide trail.

Driving Directions

The Pike Road area of East Sooke Park and access to Iron Mine Bay is located in the northern area of the park. To drive from the downtown Victoria, mtake Douglas Street and head north out of the city and onto Highway #1. Take Exit #14: Langford / Sooke and stay in the left lane after you exit following the exit route as it loops around and merges onto Veterans Memorial Parkway heading southbound.

Continue driving for about 3km and turn right at the intersection with Sooke Road (Highway 14) heading towards Sooke. Follow Sooke Road for about 13km and watch for signs for East Sooke Park or Gillespie Road. Turn left onto Gillespie Road and follow the windy route until its end where it meets with East Sooke Road. Turn right onto East Sooke Road and drive for about 8km along the narrow, windy route. Turn left onto Pike Road and drive into either the upper or lower gravel parking lot areas.

Additional Information


Dogs are allowed in East Sooke Park but must be kept under control at all times. From June 1st - September 15th, dogs are only allowed on the beach area at Iron Mine Bay on a leash and can only pass through and not stay. Please ensure to pick up after your dog and remove all excrement from the park.


Pit toilets are located by the parking lot at Pike Road and also just up from the beach near Iron Mine Bay.

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