Mount Work via Munn Road

Mount Work via Munn Road


  • Difficulty

  • Time
    2.5 hours

  • Distance

  • Elevation
    230 meters

  • Dog Friendly

  • Public Transportation

  • From Downtown Victoria
    35 minutes

  • Camping

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The hike to the top of Mount Work from the Munn Road area passes through scenic forest around Fork Lake before climbing steadily to an incredible viewpoint along the exposed rocks looking south over the Saanich area. The top of Mount Work can also be reached from the McKenzie Bight area.

From the gravel parking lot off of Munn Road, follow the trail past the map board and into the forest. Go right at a junction and follow the signs through the well marked trails that point to Mount Work. Cross a wooden bridge over a marshy section of Fork Lake, offering little view of the lake itself, and continue as the trail starts to climb gently.

The forest through the first section is particular beautiful and lush with plenty of moss and greenery covering the forest. The ecology begins to change as the trails climbs steeper and the ground becomes rockier. Be sure to watch for trail markers as you make your way uphill, staying on the main route while occasionally passes an open rock bluff with a view.

The trail will eventually reach a point here it emerges from the forest onto a rocky section, continuing up and over the rocks to the right. Even though you are not at the peak of Mount Work, this is the best viewpoint as you can see south across the Saanich area and west towards Gowlland Tod Provincial Park and Mount Finalyson. This would be the best point to stop and enjoy any snacks you brought while soaking in the view.

There is not much to see at the peak of Mount Work but there is another viewpoint on the others. Continue along the trail as it climbs over several rocks and then levels considerably, passing between several trees. Not much further and you reach a rock with a plaque on it marking the peak of Mount Work. Walk past this and follow the trail as it begins descending gradually. Within less than 5-minutes, walk out onto a rocky bluff to the left for an alternate viewpoint which looks west towards Jocelyn Hill in Gowlland Tod Provincial Park.

After enjoying the views, return to the trail and hike back the route you came, passing the peak and walking back down the rocks past the viewpoint, returning to the forest. Walk downhill and through the lush forest, over the bridge and return to the parking lot just off Munn Road where you began.

Driving Directions

The hike to the top of Mount Work can be started from either Munn Road or from McKenzie Bight. To drive to the Munn Road side from downtown Victoria, make your way to Douglas Street and head northbound as you drive out of the city. Continue along Highway #1 and take Exit #14: Langford / Highlands, and turn right onto Millstream Road after exiting. Drive along Millstream Road for just over 5km and turn right onto Munn Road. Drive for about 2km on Munn Road and watch for signs on the left that point to the gravel parking lot where the trail begins to Mount Work.

Additional Information


Dogs are allowed off-leash on the trails to Mount Work but must be under control at all times. Please ensure to pickup after your dog and remove excrement from the park.


There is a pit toilet at the gravel parking lot at the start of the trail to Mount Work from Munn Road. There are no other toilets located along the trails on Mount Work.

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