Mount Tolmie

Mount Tolmie


  • Difficulty

  • Time
    0.5 hours

  • Distance

  • Elevation
    45 meters

  • Dog Friendly

  • Public Transportation

  • From Downtown Victoria
    15 minutes

  • Camping

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Located near the University of Victoria, Mount Tolmie is easily accessible and has a 360-degree view of Victoria from the top. Driving up the windy Mayfair Drive takes you past several parking areas, including some right at the top of the mountain. There are gravel trails that start from the bottom and also loop around the mountain park area, exploring the giant concrete slab near the top and passing several picnic areas with viewpoints.

You can choose whether you want to hike from the bottom of Mount Tolmie to the top, simply drive to the top, or park at one of the lots on the mountain and hike around the trails. The description here aims to do the latter, driving up to one of the parking lots near the top, then walking around the gravel trails in a loop to explore the park and various scenic views.

Assuming you have parked at one of the areas near the top, walk to the top of Mount Tolmie and enjoy the view looking south towards downtown Victoria along the railing. Afterwards, cross the street behind you and walk up a few steps towards the large concrete slab, walking out on top of it an enjoying sweeping views of the Saanich area. This structure was built and used for a defense system during WWII.

To go for a short walk, take the trail that is directly at the side where the concrete slab joins with the mountain, walking down the rock stairs and onto the gravel trail below. Stay right at the junctions and continue downhill as the trail loops through he park. At a 5-way junction, go straight and continue following the trail that goes downhill as it heads down a fairly steep section.

At the next junction, go left and the short trail brings you to the road at Mayfair Drive. Cross the road and continue to the trail on the other side, going left and beginning to walk back up the mountain. You will pass an area with several picnic tables and another scenic view looking down towards the city. Follow the gravel trail up a steep section as it returns to the first of the 3 parking lots near the top. Walk along the paved sidewalks back to where you parked, enjoying the view from Mount Tolmie one last time.

Driving Directions

There are plenty of routes to take to Mount Tolmie, depending where you are in Victoria but to drive to Mount Tolmie from the downtown area, make your way to Fort Street and follow the one-way street as it heads eastbound. At the 4-way intersection at Richmond Avenue (by Royal Jubilee Hospital), turn left and follow Richmond Avenue northbound. A few block past the Comosun College Campus, turn right onto Mayfair Drive. Drive up the steep hill onto Mount Tolmie and park in one of the parking lots near the top.

Public Transportation

Mount Tolmie is located near the University of Victoria. A short bus ride of about 20 minutes from the downtown Victoria area takes you to the bottom of Mount Tolmie.

From the area near Douglas and Fort Street in downtown, take Bus #14: Vic General / UVIC that heads along Fort Street. You will need to exit the bus at Richmond at Poplar (near Cedar Hill Cross Road). Ask the bus driver if you are uncertain.

After exiting the bus, walk north to Cedar Hill Cross Road and go right, walking along the sidewalk for about 2 blocks. At the 2nd street, called Mayfair Drive, this is the road that you can drive to the top of Mount Tolmie. Take the gravel trail on the left side of Mayfair and it will take you up the steep route to the top.

Additional Information


Dogs are allowed on the trails on Mount Tolmie but must be kept under control at all times. Please ensure to pick up after your dog and remove all excrement.


There are no toilets on Mount Tolmie.

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