Mill Hill

Mill Hill


  • Difficulty

  • Time
    1.5 hours

  • Distance

  • Elevation
    130 meters

  • Dog Friendly

  • Public Transportation

  • From Downtown Victoria
    30 minutes

  • Camping

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The steep hike to the top of Mill Hill provides incredible views of the region along with a good workout. There are a couple of different viewpoints from the top that have an almost 360-degree view that looks over the Victoria area.

From the parking lot area, walk to the map board where it shows the two different trails that go to the top. This description will follow the Auburn Trail to the top and then return via the Calypso Trail, making for a loop hike.

Walk past the sign and follow the gravel trail along the Auburn Trail as it's briefly level but begins to climb less than a minute after leaving the parking lot. The trail climbs through the forest, passing a junction on the left that connects with the Calypso Trail and a second junction to the right that goes along the Millwoods Trail.

As you make your way up the steep hill, the trail veers left for a bit then back to the right before leaving the tree cover and, seemingly, becoming steeper with each step. As you continue to climb, watch for a sign on your right to the Viewpoint and follow the trail to your right as it passes over some rocks to a bench that looks to the east towards downtown Victoria.

After soaking in the views, continue in the direction that you were headed, following a worn path until it joins up with another trail a short distance further. Go right and within less than 20-metres, watch for a sign on your left and go left up onto the rocks, following the route towards the summit. If you miss this sign and continue, you will be heading downhill, into a forested area for a long hike towards Thetis Lake.

Follow the worn route up onto the rocks and continue until you reach the summit of Mill Hill. Here, you almost have a complete panoramic view of the region. Walk around the summit area, enjoying the different vantage points and viewpoint angles of the region.

After enjoying the view, head south and look for where the trail leaves the summit. Within a minute of leaving the summit along a flat section of trail, watch for a path that goes to the right and follow what is called the Calypso Trail as this takes you back down to the parking lot area. The trail is steep but has conveniently placed steps in several areas, so watch your footing. At the trail enters the forest, it passes through a couple of switchbacks before descending further, past the junction with the connector trail, to a sign pointing left towards the parking lot. Go left at the parking lot sign and continue walking through the forest, crossing the driveway for the works yard before returning to the parking lot.

Driving Directions

Mill Hill is located in the Langford area, west of downtown Victoria.

From the downtown area, drive to Douglas Street and head north, following Douglas as it turns into Highway #1. Take Exit #14: Langford and loop around onto Veterans Memorial Parkway, crossing over the highway.

Drive south for about 1km along Veterans Memorial Parkway and turn left onto Hoffman Avenue. At the first stop sign, turn right onto Winster Road and drive to the 3-way stop. Turn left at the 3-way stop onto Atkins Avenue and drive for about 1km watch for signs for Mill Hill Regional Park. Turn left into the parking lot for Mill Hill Regional Park.

Note: There is a separate parking lot with a separate driveway for the Mill Hill Regional Park Headquarters. This parking lot area is for CRD staff only. If you entered this parking lot, you will have to exit, turn left onto Atkins Avenue, then almost immediately turn left into the next parking lot driveway.

Additional Information


Dogs are allowed on the trails on Mill Hill but must be kept under control at all times. Please make sure to pick up after your dog.


There are outhouses near the parking lot area of Mill Hill. No toilet facilities are located along the trail.

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